I am a financial, cryptocurrency and blockchain writer.

For over a decade, I've helped finance and blockchain firms connect with their audiences through empathetic, patient communication. In the often esoteric worlds of finance and blockchain, where complexities reign supreme, simplifying complex concepts fosters lasting connections and establishes credibility.


Some of Craig’s past clients

My services

Content strategy

Elevated positioning and clarified messaging so you can attract more perfect-fit clients and opportunities. At the end of this workshop, you will get clear on what your business is all about and walk away with a polished & strategic brand that will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Content creation

By the end of our engagement, you'll have a consistent brand voice & tone, and a comprehensive style guide to support consistent marketing content creation. You'll also have the tools needed to maintain this consistency in the long-term.

Brand voice development

You'll get the marketing comms strategy and materials you need to (re)launch your product or service. You'll also have the tools needed to track just how successful the launch is. You can be confident that your target customers will get all the compelling information about your product/service they need to push them to choose it — through the most effective channels.

What my clients are saying

Working with Craig has been an absolute pleasure. His expertise shines through in every piece of content he produces. Craig's posts are very, very solid. They are well-written, informative, and in-depth. His ability to grasp complex concepts and communicate them clearly has been valuable to our project.

Michael Gardon

General manager, The Simple Dollar

Craig has been one of SmartBrief's most reliable freelancers for over a year, working with multiple editors each day to help produce targeted, B2B newsletters. He juggles multiple deadlines and produces quality work each day. He's demonstrated himself to be adaptable, and always open to take on new assignments. I highly recommend for any kind of editorial freelance work.

Sam Taute

Content Production Manager, SmartBrief

We just got feedback back from the client, who thought your article was great.

Amanda Berger

Marketing Consultant, Orange Marketing

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